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Foley Balloon Catheter

‡ Silicon coating results in smooth surface finish for easy passage through the urethral meatus

‡ Optimally sized eyelets ensure effective drainage and maximum tip strength

‡ Strong pressure-resistant balloon for effective insertion and removal yet flexible to maximize patient comfort

‡ Large drainage lumen for fast and effective drainage

‡ Reinforced catheter shaft prevents lumen collapse during suctioning

‡ Thick and rigid funnel ensure secure hold with drainage bag’s connector

‡ Self sealing inflation valve ensure balloon in inflated when in use

Types and sizes:
‡ 2-way Standard: 12FR to 30FR (10cc & 30cc)
‡ Paediatric : 6 FR to 10 FR (3cc & 5cc)
‡ 3-way: 16FR to 26fr (10cc &30cc)